The Institute of Global Safety Promotion (IGSAP) received the 1st ISSA Vision Zero Award at 23rd World Congress on Safety and Health at Work, organized by the UN specialized agencies ILO and ISSA, in Sydney, Australia during 27-30 November 2023. Dr.Toshihiro Fujita, Director of IGSAP, attended the award ceremony on behalf of IGSAP.
In addition, two member companies, Japan Certification Corporation (JC) and IDEC Corporation, which have been promoting activities together with IGSAP, jointly received the award.

*ISSA(International Social Security Association)

Masaki NOBUHIRO(IDEC, Manager, Collaborative Safety & Well-being Collaboration), Dr. Mohammed Azman (ISSA, President)
Toshihiro FUJITA (IGSAP, Director)、Takehiro UEHARA( JC , Marketing Manager) * from left to right.
“ISSA Vision Zero Award 2023” Group photo

The award recognizes long-standing commitment of IGSAP, to promote Vision Zero, and “Safety, Health and Well-being in the workplace” in Japan and around the world, including the 2nd Vision Zero Summit Japan 2022(Web summit) held from 11-13 May 2022 and Well-being Tech International 2023 held at INTEX Osaka, Japan from 10-12 May 2023.

IGSAP will continue to promote activities to realize safety, health and well-being in the working environment to enhance the safety value of companies and society.

【Sydney, Australia】
Venue of “ISSA Vision Zero Award 2023” in 23rd World Congress on Safety and Health at Work